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Medway NHS Foundation Trust
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Buddy/Mentoring Scheme


Here at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, we pride ourselves of being respectful and supportive demonstrating part of our vales of Every Person Counts.

Medway has a buddy scheme that is open to all staff members, with the intention to offer a friendly ear, offer advice on both personal and professional life here at the trust, sort out problems and generally get used to life and work at the Trust.

Having a buddy gives you a chance to talk freely with another member of staff. Everything you say to them is absolutely confidential nothing gets written down and nothing gets said to anyone else.

Both new starters and exiting staff members are entitled to a buddy or mentor to help them adjust to life here at Medway. You don’t have to take part in the Buddy Scheme but we advise you have someone to speak to confidentially when necessary as another way to develop and feel safe here at the Trust

For more information please contact:

Adebayo Tijani

Head of Culture & Workforce Engagement


Alternatively you can contact

Vanessa Page,

Culture and Workforce Engagement Manager